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RTDI Public Policy Network

The Spanish Thematic Network for Public Policies on R&D&i acts as a meeting point for agents and entities both from Central and Regional Governments with the aim of improving Innovation in Spain.

Its aim is to optimize the design, implementation and development of the current and future frameworks supporting innovation, in order to improve access and use of European Structural Funds. Also it seeks the promotion of Innovation in the Spanish companies.

The Network supports the fulfillment of the objectives established in different Spanish Strategic Frameworks allowing the following objectives:

  • To avoid duplication in the definition of programs and use of resources.
  • To foster the cooperation and dialogue among the different administrative levels.
  • To generate synergies between actors and increase the support of innovation activities.
  • To improve the quality of information systems.
  • To propose ways to increase the use of the programs funded with ERDF.
  • To identify priorities in knowledge areas and / or sectors.



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