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National Science and Technology Strategy (ENCYT)

The National Science and Technology Strategy (ENCYT) is a positioning document drawn up with the participation of the Spanish Science and Technology system players. It covers the main principles and general objectives governing both nationwide and regional science and technology policies, for the period 2007-2015.

The initiative for this strategy arose as a result of the experience of the different National Plans developed to date and the results of the INGENIO 2010 initiative which has been a significant impulse for science and technology in Spain.

The basic principles governing this Strategy are:

  • To place R&D&i at the service of the general public, of social wellbeing and of sustainable development, fully integrating women into the workplace and guaranteeing equal opportunities.
  • To make R&D&i a factor in the improvement of corporate competitiveness.
  • To acknowledge and promote R&D as an essential element for the generation of new knowledge.

These principles strive towards accomplishing the following goals:

  • Situating Spain in the vanguard of knowledge.
  • Promoting a highly competitive business fabric.
  • Integrating the regional areas into the Science and Technological System.
  • Strengthening the international dimension of the Science and Technology System.
  • Availing of an environment that is favourable to R&D&i investment.
  • Availing of the right conditions for science and technology dissemination.


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