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Coastal Observation System of the Balearic Islands (SOCIB)

The Coastal Observation System of the Balearic Islands (SOCIB) is managed by the SOCIB Consortium, equally co-financed by the Central Government and the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands. Located on Palma de Mallorca, it has been in operation since 2013.

The activities carried out by SOCIB are mainly focused on the Western Mediterranean, especially the  Balearic Islands and surrounding areas (the Alboran Sea, Algerian Basin, etc.). Thanks to its strategic location, near the area of transition between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, it is one of the “hot points” of global biodiversity. SOCIB is a system of observation, prediction, management, and distribution of data on the coastal ocean, from the shore and coastline to the exterior limit of the continental slope and its area of influence. It promotes a paradigm change in the observation of the oceans, previously based exclusively on large ships, now and in the future to be based on integrated, multi-platform systems.

Main Characteristics

SOCIB is made up of a network of facilities and equipment devoted to marine observation, acquisitionof data, processing, analysis, operational numeric modelling, and dissemination of multidisciplinary marine information in a systematic and consistent manner. It openly provides oceanographic data in real time and prediction services in support of operational oceanography, answering the needs of a wide range of society’s scientific, technological, and strategic priorities in the context of climate and global change. The synergy between the different systems of observation (oceanographic catamaran, high-frequency radar, autonomous submarine vehicles, buoys, ARGO profilers, etc.), the systems of prediction, and the tools for assimilation of data and the computerized system for management and distribution of data allow a complete and integrated description of the physical and biogeochemical properties of marine and coastal systems, as well as their evolution.


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