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Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory (OAJ)

The OAJ is a new facility located at Pico del Buitre, at an altitude of 1,956 m in the municipal area of Arcos de las Salinas, Teruel. Built and managed by the CEFCA, it was designed to carry out large-scale multi-filter astronomical mapping of maximum scientific interest in the fields of Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Main Characteristics

The facility features laboratories, control rooms, sky brightness monitors, and two latest-generation telescope whose main mirrors have apertures of 2.55 m (T250 or JST) and 83 cm (T80 or JAST) with fields of vision measuring 3 and 2 degrees in diameter, respectively. The first scientific instrumentation consists of two panoramic cameras with a large field of vision, JPCam (5 square degrees of effective field of vision) and T80Cam (2 square degrees of effective field of vision), equipped with sets of filters that are able to obtain images at different spectrum bands that provide a low-resolution spectrum for each pixel of the sky.


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