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National Accelerator Centre (CNA)

The CNA is a jointly-operated centre belonging to the University of Seville, the Regional Government of Andalusia, and the CSIC located at the Scientific and Technological Park at the Isla de la Cartuja in Sevilla. Its mission is to carry out research on particle accelerators and their multiple applications since 1998.

Main characteristics

Currently, the CNA has three particle accelerators. A 3 MV van de Graaff Tandem Accelerator for the application of a large number of analysis techniques, with an associated measuremet service via the application of IBA techniques. A 1 MV Cockcroft-Walton Tandem Accelerator (Tandetron) used for mass spectrometry that allows for the study of problems of interest in archaeology, hydrology, glaciology, and the environment, among others. And a Cyclotron that supplies 18 MeV protons, primarily for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and research into nuclear medicine and basic nuclear physics that, along with a PET/CT scanner (for large animals and humans, allows for studies of radiopharmaceuticals of a short lifespan that cannot be carried out any other way. Additionally, there is a 14C dating service unique in our country, with a new dating system known as MiCaDaS, which reduces and simplifies this analysis as well as making it less expensive. There is also an irradiator of 60Co that is currently the most powerful at national level and one of the most versatile available, opening up the possibility of carrying out radiation tests with protons and ions in fields as diverse as aerospace technology, meteorology of ionizing radiation, or tissues irradiation of biological research samples.


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