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R-LRB - Euskadi NMR Laboratory (LRE)

The Bio-molecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory Network is a distributed ICTS in health sciences field. It is devoted to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. NMR spectroscopy is the most versatile analytical technique to study molecules at atomic resolution. This technique also provides broad information beyond the structural biology main objective, such as protonation states and molecular dynamics at atomic level. NMR spectroscopy offers unique capabilities for drugs development and production, functional proteomics and metabolomics.

This ICTS is composed of the Barcelona University NMR Laboratory (LRB), Manuel Rico NMR Laboratory (LMR) and Euskadi NMR Laboratory (LRE).

The Euskadi NMR Laboratory (LRE) is located at the Centre for Cooperative Research in Biosciences - CIC bioGUNE, in the Technological Park of Vizcaya. Its activity focuses on the exploration of interfaces between chemistry and biomedicine, with emphasis on structural, molecular and cellular biology. It is equipped with advanced instrumentation that allows the incorporation of the most recent experiments, as well as the most advanced acquisition and spectral processing techniques. It also has a wide range of probes that allows many different experiments, including interaction between biomolecules ligands, compounds screening for pharmaceutical industry and alternative nuclei analysis such as fluoride or selenium. The equipment is adapted to work under conditions of high salinity. The facilities have been recently upgraded with a laboratory devoted to metabolic analysis of samples.


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