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Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)

Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures Map (ICTS)

ELECMI - Unidad de Microscopía Electrónica Aplicada a Materiales (UMEAP)

This distributed ICTS includes four infrastructures sites, the National Centre for Electron Microscopy in Madrid, the Laboratory of Advanced Microscopy in Zaragoza, Electron Microscopy Division at the University of Cádiz and Unit of Electron Microscopy applied to Materials. The ICTS offers advanced methods and techniques in transmission and scanning electron microscopy for materials structural analysis, samples preparation and image and data processing by computational methods, which allow to address complex materials characterization, both inorganic and organic with application in biomedicine, catalysis, intelligent materials, transport, energy and communications.

The Unit of Electron Microscopy, administratively dependent on the Barcelona University, is located in the Campus of Excellence "Barcelona Knowledge Campus” (BKC). It is integrated within the university Scientific and Technological Centers, whose main mission is to support research and innovation. To that purpose provides to scientific and industrial community with the latest ground-breaking equipment and highly qualified technical personnel. UMEAP offers cryo-electron microscopy equipment for characterization of "sensitive" materials to the beam, as in the case of biological samples, in situ electrical measurements for structural characterization by electronic precession and microprobe analysis for complex composition minerals characterization, as well as STEM microscopy.


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