Network of Public R&D&I Policies (RECIDI)

The map of Spanish institutions, centres and infrastructures in which R&D&I activities are carried out is presented. The information is classified by type of centre and distributed territorially. It is also possible to consult the relationship of dependence between the centres and the count of their number in each selected category.

The report presents general national data by type of institution. However, this information is still under development and so counts of centres at certain levels of disaggregation are not yet available.

Source: Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Information System (SICTI) Sub-directorate General of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Note: For any question or clarification regarding the information shown in this section, please contact the following email address:


Note: The bar above presents aggregate SECTI data at the state level. This data is not linked to the filters in the report and therefore remains fixed. The number of "Regional R&D Organisations" is not computed, although these organisations can be consulted and visualised both on the map and in the table.

Note: To display the count of a specific type of entity in an autonomous community, it is necessary to previously choose the type of entity.

Note: To display all the sites linked to an entity, do not filter by "Subtype of entity".

Icon Description
Filtro aplicado en el gfráfico reports the filter applied to the graph
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Sub-directorate General of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Pº de la Castellana 162. 28046 Madrid.

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