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The labor market and the employability of doctors, researchers, technicians and staff dedicated to RTDI is one of the objectives of the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Through the National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Ministry of Science and Innovation has launched the Programme for Talent Promotion and Employability divided into three subprograms: Training, Incorporation and Mobility. See “Human Resources for Research”

The Law 14/2013 of 27 September 2013 on support for the entrepreneurs and the internationalization provides a new legal framework to support human resources in research and innovation, including:

  • Visa for foreign investors. It will be issued to those that invest more than two million Euros en Spanish public debt, or invest up to one million in stocks of Spanish firms or financial institutions, or those that invest in a business project to be developed in Spain and considered interest to the general public given: (i) its potential impact on job creation; (ii) its socio economic impact and (iii) its research and innovation promotion.
  • High qualified professionals. Residence may be issued to those highly qualified professionals –and top management- and firms that require foreign experts to work in Spain in established conditions.

See “Entry and residence Work Permits for the Researchers and Technicians”.

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