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The Technology Transfer Offices (TTO ) were born in late 1988 as structures to promote and facilitate cooperation in R&D between researchers and companies , both at a national and European level. Some years later, by order datedFebruary 16, 1996  and published in the BOE dated 23 February , TTO were granted official status with the creation of a TTO Official Register by the InterministerialCommission on Science and Technology.

The TTO are intermediaries  in the science-technology- enterprise system, and its mission is to boost relations between the system's agents . This TTO seek to identify the technology needs of the different economic sectors and to encourage positive  technology transfer between the public and private sectors , thus contributing to the implementation and commercialization of the results of R&D generated by  universities and public research  centers.

By Order bated February 16, 1996 , published in the BOE dated 23 February, an Official Registry  of  TTO is  established.

This aims at  encouraging technology transfer to the productive sectors and improve the competitiveness of the business sector. The Registry establishes a structure in the TTO created by the different government agencies , universities and nonprofit institutions.

Convocatoria INNCIDE

Actuaciones financiadas para potenciar la protección, valorización y explotación comercial (en forma de licencias, nuevas empresas de base tecnológica, etc …) de los resultados de la I+D+igenerada en universidades y otros centros de investigación.

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