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National R&D&I Plan

The National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan (National R&D&I plan) is the Spanish Science, Technology and Enterprise system's programming instrument to achieve the country's goals and priorities of the research, development, and technological innovation policy in the medium term, as defined in the Science Act and in the National Science and Technology Strategy (ENCYT).

Pursuant to Royal Decree 1042/2009, dated 29 June, which establishes the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, this department is responsible, through the General Directorate for the Research and Management of the National R&D&I plan, for the preparation, monitoring and assessment of the National R&D&I plan, as well as writing its Activity Log and the annual Work Programme, for its ulterior approval by the Government's Delegate Committee for Science and Technology Policies.

Therefore, the Work Programme is prepared every year and, once approved, it can be used as a tool for short term programming for the science and technology policy, as an instrument for the co-ordination of the General State Administration's (AGE) actions and, lastly, as a platform for the presentation and visualisation of the integrated action by the AGE and the Regional Administrations for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The annual Work Programme mainly includes information on the expected schedule of public calls, stating the terms for presentation and resolution of proposals, the distribution of the annual budget by area and priority programmes, the managing bodies for each one of the actions and the type of beneficiaries and sectors that may receive grants.

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