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Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)

The term Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) refers to facilities, resources, or services for the development of top-quality cutting-edge research, as well as the communication, exchange, and preservation of knowledge, the transfer of technology, and promotion of innovation. They are unique or exceptional in their fields, with a high cost of investment, maintenance, and operation, and are of a strategic importance that justifies their availability to all actors in the field of R&D&I. The ICTS share three fundamental characteristics; they are infrastructures with public ownership, unique and open to competitive access.

The ICTS are located throughout the country and are displayed on the “Map of Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS).”

The first Map of ICTS was agreed upon at the III Conference of Presidents, held on 11th January 2007, and was prepared with the participation of the Autonomous Communities. The "Spanish Strategic of Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020", approved by the Council of Ministers in February 2013, establishes that the ICTS Map is the long-term planning and development tool for these infrastructures in coordination with the CCAA. In accordance with this Strategy, the ICTS Map is updated every four years, being the Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy Council (CPCTI) the competent body for its approval.

The first update was agreed at the CPCTI meeting on 7th October 2014 and has remained in effect until 6th November 2018, date on which the CPCTI has approved a new update for the period 2017-2020.

ICTS Map in force

The Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy Council (CPCTI) has approved at its meeting held on 6th November 2018 the new configuration of the Map for the period 2017-2020.

The Annex I of the Council Agreement contains the list of the ICTS included in the Map.

Annex II of the Agreement is constituted by the working document of the Executive Committee of the CPCTI called “Updating and follow-up of the ICTS Map”, which describes the general framework and the methodology, criteria and process for the continuous updating of the Map and its follow-up. 

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Conoce las ICTS

La divulgación científica tiene como objetivo acercar la ciencia  a la ciudadanía. Muchas de las grandes infraestructuras científicas creen que la mejor forma de acercarse a los ciudadanos es que conozcan sus instalaciones de primera mano.

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