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The Commission for Coordination and Monitoring of the Oceanographic Vessel Activities (COCSABO) created by the Order PRE/583/2003, on March, 13rd is the collegiate body for proposals and coordination of scientific or technical nature actions made ​​by oceanographic vessels. It is attached to the General Secretariat of Science and Technology attached to the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry.

This Commission plans scientific research campaigns and studies of technical nature, the assessment of their costs and those scientific and technical coordination functions related to scientific research vessels. The research vessel ‘Hespérides’ and those oceanographic ships materially integrated or transferred to the Superior Council for Scientific Investigations, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography will be considered as scientific research vessels and the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System.

COCSABO – Functions

  • Planning scientific and technical annual campaigns for oceanographic vessels, including time assignment corresponding to research projects.
  • Analysis of the needs for scientific equipment, technical resources, support staff to research and other resources and means required to carry out campaigns, on which vessels management agencies will be informed.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of such actions.
  • The costs campaigns assessment, at the initiative of research vessels managing bodies, on which the national agencies funding research projects will be reported.
  • Development and approval of an annual report on the degree of coordinated activities implementation.
  • Performing other functions required for proper activities coordination assigned to such ships.

COCSABO – Contact

COCSABO Secretary

Pº de la Castellana, 162. 15ª planta.

28071 Madrid



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