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Centre For Ultrashort Ultraintense Pulsed Lasers (CLPU)

The CLPU is an infrastructure site devoted to research and development of technology of ultra-intense pulsed lasers. It is located at the Science Park of the University of Salamanca(Villamayor Campus), managed by a public Consortium founded in 2007 and co-funded by the Central Government, the Regional Government of Castilla y León, and the University of Salamanca.

Main characteristics

This facility hosts VEGA, aTitanium: Sapphire laser system with CPA technology able to work with a pulse duration of 30 femtoseconds and to reach peak power of a Petawatt. The structure of VEGA is unique at the international level, with a design in three perfectly-synchronized phases, as they share the same pulse generator system: VEGA1 and VEGA2 (20 and 200 Terawatt respectively, both at 10 shots per second), and VEGA 3 (1 Petawatt at 1 shot per second). VEGA 1 and VEGA 2 are already in operation, the two most powerful lasers in Spain; meanwhile VEGA 3 is in its final construction phase and start-up and will be one of the ten most powerful laser systems in the world. Furthermore, the facility has installed other CPA laser systems with a higher repetition rate and a carrier envelope phase system with only 6 femtoseconds of duration stabilized in phase, also unique in Spain.

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