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Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures Map (ICTS)

Omics Tech - Metabolomics Platform at the Centre for Omics Sciences (COS)

This distributed ICTS is composed of the Genomics Platform of the CNAG and the Metabolomics platform of the COS. This facility has the whole range of required technologies to quantify all the elements that make up biological systems, including DNA, RNA, epigenomic marks, proteins, metabolites, and structural elements such as membranes. In this manner, it provides an integrated solution for deciphering biological processes through systems biology.

The COS is a scientific-technological facility equipped with the latest technology in metabolomics and proteomics, complemented with technology for transcriptomics, genomics, and validation of biomarkers. The COS belongs to the Rovira i Virgili University , and is managed by the Nutrition and Health Technology Centre, which provides scientific advice and technicalsupport for the application of omic technologies in an integrated manner to the new challenges of the life sciences. The integration into a single facility of multiple technologies for metabolomics and proteomics allows for the use of the most suitable technologies, or a combination of them, in order to determine their metabolic profiles. The methodologies of undirected metabolomics allow for the postulation of hypotheses that can be checked, and elucidate the biochemical mechanisms involved, via the use of complementary omic technologies such as genomics, transcriptomics, or proteomics and validation in vitro, in vivo, or in humans. The COS applies these technologies in order to increase knowledge on the subject and for innovative applications in health, human and animal nutrition, and the pharmaceutical and environmental industries.

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