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Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)

Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures Map (ICTS)

National Centre for Electron Microscopy (CNME)

This distributed ICTS includes four infrastructures sites, the National Centre for Electron Microscopy in Madrid, the Laboratory of Advanced Microscopy in Zaragoza, Electron Microscopy Division at the University of Cádiz and Unit of Electron Microscopy applied to Materials. The ICTS offers advanced methods and techniques in transmission and scanning electron microscopy for materials structural analysis, samples preparation and image and data processing by computational methods, which allow to address complex materials characterization, both inorganic and organic with application in biomedicine, catalysis, intelligent materials, transport, energy and communications.

ICTS-CNME management is supervised by General Foundation of the UCM and the Vice-rectory for Scientific Research and Policy (UCM), which are responsible for its maintenance, providing all the technical and human resources necessary for its proper operation. It is located at the Chemistry Department of the UCM. The CNME main goals are development, implementation and availability of the most advanced electronic microscopy techniques and methods, allowing for the observation, analysis, characterization and manipulation of organic and inorganic materials at the atomic level. It includes a wide range of transmission, scanning, electron probe microanalyzers and atomic force microscopy devices, and it is equipped with last generation aberration corrected microscopes. The presence of two particular microscopes provided with the most advanced technology currently available makes this facility remarkably relevant: An ARM 200cFEGprobe corrected and equipped with last generation analytic techniques and another ARM 300cFEG device image corrected with a resolution of 0.05 nm. These two microscopes are supported by advanced SEM microscopes as well as various SEM/TEM devices for a full structural and compositional characterization prior to the sub-Angstrom analysis.

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