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Doñana Biological Reserve (RBD)

The RBD (Almonte, Huelva), located to the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula and founded in 1964 by the CSIC, is managed by the EBD (Sevilla), a research institute belonging to the CSIC. The protected area of Doñana, also known as the Doñana Natural Area, extends over 106,047 hectares and includes the National Park and Natural Park of Doñana. In both areas there is a regulated use of natural resources (mainly forestry, fishing, and livestock). The Biological Reserve forms part of the National Park and is composed of two protected areas, the RBD, measuring 6,794 hectares, and the Biological Reserve of Guadiamar, measuring 3,214 hectares.

This CSIC is considered an ideal platform for field experimentation and the sharing of experiences associated with the environmental impact of global change. It provides a set of unique natural resources for carrying out research on the processes that promote, limit or threaten biodiversity within a multidisciplinary context, providing a solid quantitative framework that serves as a guide for the conservation of biodiversity and making predictions about future scenarios in the context of global change.

Main characteristics

This protected area, which includes four large ecosystems (beach, dunes, Mediterranean scrubland, and marshland) is host to numerous endemic and threatened species. As many as 700,000 water birds gather in the marshland each winter, making Doñana the most important wetland area in Spain and Europe. In addition to the natural resources offered by ICTS-RBD, there are lab facilities (basic and specialized) located both at the field facility and the EBD headquarters in Seville, which provide the equipments and facilities needed to carry out experiments and ecological studies. The ICTS-RBD also provides a data base offering physical and biological metadata obtained from the ecosystems which have been systematically and continuously recorded during the last 30 years.

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