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RES - Tirant at the University of Valencia (UV)

The former Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation founded the RES in July 2006 as a response to the need of the Spanish scientific community for increased computation capacity and access to intensive calculation resources, considering the supercomputing resources as a decisive asset for the scientific and technological development of the country. The RES consists of a distributed virtual infrastructure of supercomputers located in different sites, each of which contributes to the total processing power available to users of different R&D groups. Currently, the supercomputers are located in Extremadura (Extremadura Center for Research, Technological Innovation and Supercomputing), the Canary Islands (Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias), Castilla y León (Castilla y León Supercomputing Center), the Universities of Cantabria, Autónoma de Madrid, Málaga, Valencia and Zaragoza, CESGA, and CSUC, with the coordinating body being the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS). The RES not only provides supercomputing resources, it also offers service of technical support to users as well as specific training. Moreover it organizes users’ meetings and scientific seminars. The goal of these actions is to improve the efficient usage of the resources and expand the use of supercomputing to all the research areas.

The UV hosts the supercomputer Tirant. Tirant is located at the Campus of the UV at Burjassot. It is managed by the SIUV. The SIUV is responsible for managingthis infrastructure, as well as the system itself (at the hardware and software levels). The SIUV staff also offers support services to users. The supercomputer Tirant began service in January, 2008. Its current configuration, after the last upgrade (December 2012), is made up of 512 blades (a total of 1,024 cores) JS21 with 2 processors PowerPC 970MP dual core at 2,2 GHz and 4 GB of RAM, interconnected by a Myrinet network (2Gbit/s). This set up leads to a total of 2,048 cores with a peak performance around 18.8 Tflops. Tirant allocates 50% of its computing capacity to the RES.

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