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Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)

Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures Map (ICTS)

High Biosafety Laboratory at Animal Health Research Centre (CISA)

This network comprises publicly-owned high biosafety laboratories open to the national and international scientific communities that due to their dimensions and/or the characteristics of their facilities, provide a unique opportunity for experimental studies otherwise not feasible at conventional centres. This distributed ICTS includes the High Biosafety Laboratory at CISA and High Biosafety Laboratory at the CReSA.

The High Biosafety Laboratory at CISA was founded in 1993. The centre is located in Valdeolmos (Madrid) and belongs to the INIA, a public research organization. CISA’s high biosafety laboratory (BSL-3) is composed of 40 laboratories and common rooms, as well as 19 animal housings designed to accommodate a variety of different species, ranging from fishes to horses. This facility enables experimental work with animals and research on highly transmissible and exotic infectious diseases of severe impact either on animal health and/or for public health (zoonosis). Two of the laboratories at CISA are equipped to perform research and development with high risk, exotic viruses that may affect humans (NCB-3+, the highest biosafety level in the country). In total, these facilities span an area of 10,824 m2. CISA’s mission focuses on research, prevention and control of infectious and exotic diseases of Spanish livestock and wildlife, with a very active involvement in the development of technologies for improving diagnostic and control systems. It develops and promotes research in animal health at the highest scientific level, and participates as a supporting laboratory for the national reference laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.

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