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Spanish Academic and Research Network (RedIRIS)

RedIRIS - the advanced communications network for the research and education community in Spain – is overseen by the State Secretariat for R&D&I of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which finances it and set its strategy. Since 2004, the technical and operational management of RedIRIS has been carried out by the public corporate entity, which belongs to the SETSI of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism. The communications backbone of RedIRIS spans the entire national territory and contains approximately 60 Points of Presence distributed throughout all the regions of Spain. The RedIRIS headquarters is located in Madrid.


Main characteristics

Over the last 25 years, the network infrastructure of RedIRIS has gradually evolved to adapt itself to increasingly more refined technologies as they became available and to the needs of its users. The most recent step in that evolutionary process has been the rollout of RedIRIS- NOVA, a very high-capacity dark fibre backbone network with 12,000 kilometres of fibre and the previously-mentioned 60 Points of Presence, to which are connected – either directly or via regional research and education networks – to over 500 academic and scientific institutions (mainly universities, public research entities and others ICTS).

RedIRIS operates within a framework of close collaboration with other research and education networks, both regional and international. These include the pan-European research and education network GÉANT, to which RedIRIS contributes financially, also participating in its management. Through GÉANT, RedIRIS is integrated into the Global Research Intranet. RedIRIS provides its users with very high-capacityconnections (10,000 Mbps), which are especially necessary for e-science projects (high-energy physics, life sciences, astronomy, etc.). The portfolio of services offered by RedIRIS also includes other network services (Virtual Private Networks / VPNs, IP addresses, DNS, network monitoring, etc.) and various additional services for its users (digital identity, digital certificates, anti-spam filtering, eduROAM mobility service, mailing lists, etc.).

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