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«R&D Projects» 2019 - Modalities «Research Challenges» and «Knowledge Generation»

Annual Performance Program 2019

State R&D Program Oriented to the Challenges of the Society
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Application deadlines
  • 26/09/2019-17/10/2019
General description

The purpose of the call is to finance the execution of «R + D + i Projects», within the framework of the State Program for the Generation of Knowledge and Scientific and Technological Strengthening of the R + D + i System and of the State R + D + I Program Oriented to the Challenges of the Society, of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.

The purpose of this call is to finance the “Knowledge Generation” and “Research Challenges” project modalities of the 2019 call for R&D Projects.

The grants are aimed both at promoting the generation and significant advance of scientific knowledge and proven quality research, and at moving towards the search for solutions to society's challenges.

Likewise, it is intended to encourage the creation of more powerful scientific cooperation schemes and encourage a multi-interdisciplinary approach of the research groups, which allow to tackle complex issues, and promote significant advances in scientific knowledge and its applications, to face the challenges that Spanish research has in the context of the European Research Area.

The projects of the «Knowledge Generation» modality, without previously defined thematic orientation, are motivated by scientific curiosity and have as their primary objective the advance of knowledge, regardless of the time horizon and its scope.

The projects of the «Research Challenges» modality are aimed at solving problems related to the eight great challenges of society included in the State Plan.

Specific goals and activities financed
The call aims to promote the generation and advance of scientific knowledge, as well as quality research, which will have an impact on the improvement of the social, economic and technological conditions of Spanish society.

It also aims to break the tendency towards the fragmentation of research groups, so that they can reach the critical mass necessary to face the challenges that Spanish research has posed, promoting the association and coordination of research teams in more ambitious projects.

It promotes multi and interdisciplinary scientific research, as well as the international scientific leadership of Spanish research groups, especially in the fields and programs of the European Research Area.

Likewise, the aim is to promote R & D & I projects directed by young research staff, with promising scientific trajectories, so that they can start in the direction of projects.

362.000.000,00 € (Modalities «Knowledge Generation» and «Research Challenges»)
Universities, public R&D centers, technology centers and public and private non-profit entities linked to science, technology, research and innovation.
Instructor Entity
Subdivision of Planning and Administrative Management. State Research Agency
Scientific-technical monitoring body
Subdivision of Scientific-Technical Thematic Programs. State Research Agency
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