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2018 Technological and Innovation Platforms

Programa de Actuación Anual 2020

State R&D Program Oriented to the Challenges of the Society
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  • 02/06/2020-16/06/2020
General description

The purpose of this call is the creation and consolidation of Technological Platforms.

This call is in accordance with the minimis regime regulated by Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Specific goals and activities financed
The Technological Platforms are structures for exchange and communication between the different agents of the Spanish science-technology-innovation system that promote the improvement of the technological capacity and the growing competitiveness of the national productive sector, carrying out activities of knowledge exchange, planning and dissemination. Technological platforms are key structures for the promotion of public-private collaboration and the detection of new demands in the field of Challenges, exclusively carrying out activities to promote and stimulate R&D&i. The activities financed are: a) The organization of the Annual Meeting of the Platform. b) Dissemination activities or thematic sessions related to the activity of the Platform c) The preparation of documents related to the activity of the Platform d) The preparation of prospective and early demand studies e) Actions within the area of Challenges in collaboration with other Platforms f) Actions aimed at favouring technological cooperation and advice in the preparation of R&D&i projects. g) The promotion of participation in R&D&I Internationalisation activities.

a) Public research organizations as defined in article 47 of Law 14/2001, of June 1, on Science, Technology and Innovation.

b) Public universities and their university institutes.

c) Other public R&D centres: public bodies and centres with their own legal personality that are dependent on or linked to the General State Administration, and those dependent on or linked to territorial public administrations and their agencies, or primarily controlled by the public sector, whatever their legal form.

d) Technological centres of national scope and technological innovation support centres of national scope that were validly registered at the time of filing the application in the register of centres regulated by Royal Decree 2093/2008, of December 18, whereby the Technological Centres and Technological Innovation Support Centres of national scope are regulated and the Registry of such centres is created.

e) Public and private non-profit entities that carry out and/or manage R&D activities, whatever their legal form.

f) Companies, these being understood as any mercantile company, regardless of legal form, and regularly performing an economic activity aimed at the market.

g) Sectoral business associations.

Instructor Entity
Subdivision of Planning and Administrative Management. State Research Agency
Scientific-technical monitoring body
Subdivision of Scientific-Technical Thematic Programs. State Research Agency
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