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2018 Torres Quevedo (PTQ) Contract Aids

Programa de Actuación Anual 2018

State Programme for the Promotion of Talent and its Employability in R&D&i
State Subprogramme of Incorporation
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Application deadlines
  • 24/01/2019-14/02/2019
General description

Aid of three years’ duration for companies, technology centres of national scope, technological innovation support centres of a national scope, business associations and science and technology parks for the employment of doctors developing bearing on industrial research projects or experimental development or previous feasibility studies, in order to favour the professional career of the researchers, as well as for stimulating the demand in the private sector for personnel sufficiently prepared to undertake R&D plans and projects, and for helping the consolidation of recently created  technology companies.

Specific goals and activities financed

The amount of the aid will be determined from the cost of hiring (the sum of the gross salary plus the contribution to the Social Security system), the type of project and the type of entity, taking into account that the intensity of the aid must not exceed the values indicated in the call. The amounts of the aids granted for the second and third annuities of the contract will be identical to the amount of the aid granted for the first year, provided that the conditions that have determined this amount are maintained. In no case may the aid for the second and third annuity be greater than that of the first annuity.

The aids will be used to co-finance the salary and the social security contribution of the researchers hired during each one of the annuities, taken into account independently. The gross maximum aid intensities will be established as a percentage of the cost of the incentivized activity, in accordance with article 25 of the General Categories Exemption Regulation.

The aids must be applied to carry out additional R&D activities with respect to those that the company has been carrying out; it being necessary for the application to justify the need and the incentive effect of the aid.

These aids will only co-finance the hiring costs corresponding to jobs located in Spain.

250,000€ are reserved for hiring people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%.

15,000,000.00 Euros

The following entities may be beneficiaries of the aid:

a) Companies, including spin-off companies and JEIs.

b) Technological centres of national scope.

c) Technological innovation support centres of national scope.

d) Business associations.

e) Science and technology parks.

With the exception of public mercantile companies, entities of the public sector included in the scope of application of Article 2 of Organic Law 2/2012, of April 27, on Budget Stability and Financial Sustainability, or those within the scope of application of Article 3 of the Consolidated Text of the Public Sector Contracts Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, of November 14, or entities in crisis, cannot obtain these grants.

Entities that are subject to a pending recovery order following a previous decision of the European Commission that declared an aid to be illegal and incompatible with the Common Market or entities that have received rescue aid and have still not reimbursed the loan or terminated the guarantee, or have received restructuring aid and are still subject to a restructuring plan, cannot obtain these grants.

Instructor Entity
Subdivision of Planning and Administrative Management. State Research Agency
Scientific-technical monitoring body
Subdivision of Transversal Scientific-Technical Strengthening and Excellence Programmes. State Research Agency
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