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"Research Challenges" 2018 R+D+i Projects

Programa de Actuación Anual 2018

State R&D Program Oriented to the Challenges of the Society
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Application deadlines
  • Áreas temáticas de Ciencias sociales y humanidades: 11/09/2018-02/10/2018
  • Áreas temáticas de Ciencias de la vida: 12/09/2018-03/10/2018
  • Áreas temáticas de Ciencias matemáticas, físicas, químicas e ingenierías: 13/09/2018-04/10/2018
General description

The purpose of this action is to contribute to the solution of social, economic and technological problems aimed at finding solutions to society's challenges, through the publication of its results in forums with a high scientific and technological impact, technology transfer and the internationalisation of activities.

Specific goals and activities financed

To finance the execution of R&D&I projects led by teams from public research organisations aimed at solving problems linked to the major challenges facing Spanish society included in the 2017-2020 State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation.

   1. Health, demographic change and well-being.
   2. Bioeconomy: sustainability of primary production and forestry systems,
   food safety and quality, marine and maritime research and bioproducts.
   3. Safe, efficient and clean energy.
   4. Sustainable, intelligent, connected and integrated transport.
   5. Climate change and use of natural resources and raw materials.
   6. Social sciences and humanities and science with and for society.
   7. Digital economy, society and culture.
   8. Security, protection and defence.

These challenges encompass large fundamental areas that determine unique spaces for multidisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration.

As a novelty, the JIN type projects are included and in the scope of challenge 2, the R+D+i projects for the institutions and objectives that have been managed in the INIA-CCAA system (RTA type projects).

The aid will be used to finance the costs of personnel, small equipment, materials and other expenses related to the objectives of the project.

The implementation period for research projects shall be three or four years and, exceptionally, two years. JIN type projects will have a duration of three years.

European Funds
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268,198,000.00 €
Non-profit public or private entities with the capacity and proven competence to carry out R&D projects that represent a significant advance in knowledge.
Instructor Entity
Subdivision of Planning and Administrative Management. State Research Agency
Scientific-technical monitoring body
Subdivision of Scientific-Technical Thematic Programs. State Research Agency
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