Investment 8. R&D in sustainable mobility

Financiación de la automoción sostenible

This investment is developed in the field of sustainable mobility, by supporting business R&D projects in technologies relevant to mobility that will increase the technological capacity of the sector in all areas. The main focus will be on the development of energy storage systems with very low emissions and high recyclability; highly efficient mobility systems based on hydrogen, autonomous driving and connected mobility, or the adaptation of production environments with safe and robust systems for human-machine interaction in the smart factory environment.

The objective of this investment is to finance, by means of subsidies and partially reimbursable aid, where appropriate, business R&D projects for the development of technologies applicable to the field of sustainable mobility, specifically:

  • Development of components and platforms for electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles, seeking greater energy efficiency through the optimisation of the different materials, components and subsystems, both for their recyclability and for the use of recycled materials.
  • Autonomous driving and connected mobility - development of new vehicle hardware and software architectures, supported by high-performance processes for autonomous driving, centralised on-board process management, heterogeneous signal management and sensor and actuator systems for the relationship of the vehicle with the outside world.
  • Adaptation of production environments with safe and robust systems for human-machine interaction in the smart manufacturing environment aimed at the manufacture of components and systems for electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Projects must be carried out by business consortia of 3 to 8 participating companies, always with the participation of at least one SME. The minimum budget per project shall be 5 million euros and the duration shall be three years. Research organisations may participate on a subcontracting basis.


Subdirección General de Fondos Europeos para la Investigación y la Innovación

P.º de la Castellana 162. 28046 Madrid

916 038 190

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