This space gathers general aspects of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the European fund that finances it: the Recovery and Resilience Facility. It also discusses in detail the different measures promoted by this Ministry in the Plan.

Content of the Plan

The unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus has been met with a response never before seen in the history of the European Union: the largest stimulus package ever funded, consisting of the new EU 2021-2027 budget (the new Multiannual Financial Framework) and the temporary NextGenerationEU instrument designed to boost recovery.


The reforms of component 17 aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System, to reward excellence and to evaluate results, with appropriate monitoring tools that exploit the full potential of new information technologies to evaluate public policies. Ultimately, it is about improving efficiency and accountability.


The Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System (SECTI) has achieved standards of research excellence that are clearly aligned with Spain's economic and geopolitical position on the international scene. However, the three pillars on which the SECTI is based need to be strengthened: (1) modernisation of scientific infrastructures and equipment, (2) scientific careers and attraction and retention of talent, and (3) funding research projects aimed at public-private collaboration and transfer of innovation.

Nine investments amounting to 3,456,685,000 euros are planned to strengthen the SECTI.

Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE)

Los Proyectos Estratégicos para la Recuperación y la Transformación Económica (PERTE) son proyectos de carácter estratégico con gran capacidad de arrastre para el crecimiento económico, el empleo y la competitividad de la economía española, con un alto componente de colaboración público-privada y transversales a las diferentes administraciones.

Se conciben como un mecanismo de impulso y coordinación de proyectos muy prioritarios, especialmente complejos o en los que exista un claro fallo de mercado, externalidades importantes o una insuficiente iniciativa o capacidad de inversión por parte del sector privado. Su objetivo es contribuir a una gestión ágil y eficiente de los fondos y reforzar aquellos proyectos que contribuyan claramente a la transformación de la economía española.

Estarán abiertos a todo tipo de empresas (tanto grandes como pymes y empresas emergentes) que operen en el tipo de actividades y áreas donde se desarrollen.

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