Human resources are an essential pillar of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System.  

This space provides information of interest to those who perform functions related to the scientific or technological field, research careers in Spain, evaluation of research personnel in Public Research Bodies (PRBs), access to the Unique Scientific and Technological Infrastructures (ICTS), training courses for the use of animals for scientific purposes, as well as calls for National Research Awards.

Research Career

Research is creative work undertaken in a systematic way to increase the body of knowledge, including knowledge about people, culture and society, the use of knowledge to create new applications, its transfer and its dissemination.

Animal Experimentation

Protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, including teaching.

National Research Awards

The National Research Awards recognise the merit of Spanish researchers who are carrying out outstanding work in scientific fields of international relevance and who make an exceptional contribution to the advancement of science, to a better knowledge of human beings and their coexistence, to technology transfer and to human progress.

ICTS user access

The Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) offer a percentage of open capacity of their essential services on a Competitive Open Access basis for use by national and international public and private sector researchers, supported by ICTS technical and administrative staff.

Consejo Internacional de la Ciencia (ISC)

El Consejo Internacional de la Ciencia (ISC) es una organización mundial no gubernamental, con una membresía global creciente que aúna a 40 uniones y asociaciones científicas internacionales y más de 140 organizaciones científicas nacionales y regionales, incluidas Academias y Consejos de Investigación.

El Consejo es único en su capacidad para reunir e integrar la excelencia científica y la experiencia científico-política de todos los campos de la ciencia en todas las regiones del mundo.

España es “Miembro Nacional” desde 1922, y en la actualidad está representada por la Secretaría General de Investigación.

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