Public Procurement of Innovation - FID Line

The Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) aims to promote innovation in the public and private sectors through public procurement, so that innovative solutions are incorporated in public administrations and innovation in companies is encouraged. 

Taxation and allowances

The Public Administration has several instruments for promoting business innovation, such as tax incentives and rebates on Social Security contributions for research personnel

The main tax instruments are the Binding Reasoned Reports and the Innovative SME label.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is one of the priority lines of action in the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy. The main objective is to place Spain among the countries with the highest level of innovation, ensuring knowledge transfer has an impact in terms of generating progress.

Design as an innovation driver

Investment in innovation and design is a commitment to the present and the future. Innovation makes it possible to achieve business excellence and market leadership.  Business commitment to innovation is one of our best tools for promoting competitiveness, social progress and long-term economic growth. Design, for its part, is a source of wealth and well-being. But design is also the driving force behind innovation, always present in the production process. Design is the basis and driving force of innovation. 

Both innovation and design complement and interact with each other. Innovation is a decisive element in design progress and evolution, opening up new fields of development, while design is a tool that constitutes the basis and driving force of innovation.

Cities for Innovation - INNPULSO Network

This award recognises leading cities that have supported infrastructure investments that support economic sustainability and enhance our pattern of growth based on knowledge and innovation.

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