Public Innovation Procurement

Innovation is one of the essential factors for a country's economic growth, which is why it is a significant part of European and national policies. It is also set as one of the keys to job creation, medium-term growth, productivity and, ultimately, improving competitiveness.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation carries out actions that promote innovation in both companies and public bodies. Specifically, Public Innovation Procurement (CPI) aims to enhance innovation in the public and private sectors through public procurement, so that innovative solutions are incorporated in Public Administrations and innovation is encouraged in companies.

Taxation and discounts for R&D&I activities. Innovative SME Seal

The Public Administration has several instruments in place to promote business innovation, such as tax incentives for carrying out research and development and/or technological innovation activities and discounts on social security contributions for research staff.

The main tax instruments include Binding Reports (IMV) and the Innovative SME seal. Binding Reports provide legal certainty in the application of deductions and discounts for Research, Development and/or Technological Innovation (R&D&I). Furthermore, the creation of the Innovative SME seal and its registration seeks to highlight these companies, promote their identification and formulate specific policies.

These instruments are horizontal in nature and of free and general application. They are also aimed at incentivising the private sector's initiative without conditioning the innovative environment the company is targeting.

Transfer of knowledge

The transfer of knowledge is one of the action priorities in the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy. The main objective is to position Spain among the countries with the highest level of innovation, ensuring that the transfer of knowledge has an impact in terms of generating progress.

To do this, it is necessary to promote the transfer of knowledge and to develop two-way links between science and business (especially SMEs) through the mutual understanding of needs and objectives. It is also of the utmost importance to ensure public-private cooperation in the different stages of the value chain: from the initial stages of the development of technologies in which the application of knowledge will be encouraged, until products of interest to society reach the market. National R&D&I needs to prioritise and respond to the challenges of strategic sectors.

Design as a driver of innovation

Investment in innovation and design is a present and future commitment. Innovation makes it possible to achieve business excellence and leadership in the markets. Companies' commitment to innovation is one of our best tools for promoting competitiveness, social progress and long-term economic growth. On the other hand, design is a source of wealth and well-being. But design is also a driver of innovation, and it is always present in the production process. Design is the basis and driving force of innovation.

The two, innovation and design, complement and interact with each other. Innovation is a key element for the advancement and evolution of design, opening up to it new fields of development, while design is a tool that constitutes the basis and driving force of innovation.

Cities for Innovation-INNPULSO Network

This distinction recognises leading cities that have supported investments in infrastructure that promotes economic sustainability and improves our pattern of growth based on knowledge and innovation. Local entities play a key role in achieving the cohesion of innovation agents thanks to their proximity to citizens, companies and public institutions and bodies.

The Network of Science and Innovation Cities (INNPULSO) has been launched alongside the distinction.

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