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Article 6 of Royal Decree 475/2014, of 13 June, on rebates on Social Security contributions for research staff, establishes the definition of innovative SME for the purposes of obtaining the corresponding reference seal. 

Order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June, regulates the granting of the "Innovative SME" seal and the functioning of the Register of Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. 

Advantages of obtaining the "Innovative SME" seal 

Obtaining the seal enables companies to combine, within the framework of a single project, the rebates on social security contributions for research personnel dedicated exclusively to the project with the tax deductions for R&D&I established in Article 35 of the Corporate Tax Law. 

Furthermore, companies that expressly indicate their status as "innovative SMEs" can benefit from possible lines of aid and participate in public procurement procedures through Innovative Public Procurement (the possibility of reserving pre-commercial procurement for innovative SMEs). 

Registering the company results in being awarded the seal, whereby the company can display the official seal logo and format to let users know that it is an officially recognised innovative SME. In addition, the company can use the logo for commercial traffic and advertising purposes. 

Registration procedure 

The innovative SME public register is exclusively online. Registration can be carried out through the Ministry's electronic office at no cost to companies. 

"Innovative SME" public register 

The Innovative SME register is a public resource that lets you consult individual entities (by entering the corresponding Corporate Tax ID) or download all the registered entities. 

Please click on "Links" to register, consult or download the Innovative SME seal. 


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