Grants for employing researchers

The 2017-2020 State Programme for the Promotion of Talent and Employability in R&D&I comprises actions aimed at promoting the training and incorporation of human resources in R&D&I in the different stages:

Predoctoral training stage

Grants for the completion of PhD theses, with a maximum duration of four years, which may include funding for a postdoctoral orientation period (POP) provided that the thesis is completed within the established three-year period.

· Predoctoral contracts for the Training of University Teaching Staff (Ministry of Universities - FPU).

· Predoctoral contracts for the Training of PhD Doctors associated with projects.The evaluation and selection process corresponds to the beneficiary entities of the projects.

· Predoctoral contracts for the Training of PhD Doctors in Companies (State Research Agency – Industrial PhDs).

· Training of PhD Doctors at the European University Institute (Ministry of Universities).

Postdoctoral stage

· Juan de la Cierva (State Research Agency) aimed at co-financing the first phase of this postdoctoral stage, co-financing hiring expenses for a maximum of two years.

Incorporation of PhD doctors

Grants aimed at fostering the incorporation of researchers at critical stages for consolidating their research careers, promoting the progressive acquisition of the research autonomy and independence that mark the transition towards becoming a seasoned researcher:

· Ramón y Cajal (State Research Agency). These grants support the incorporation of foreign or Spanish researchers, including those conducting their research outside Spain and wishing to do so in Spain, for a maximum period of five years. These grants co-finance recruitment at Spanish universities and research organisations and also include an additional provision to co-finance the hiring of these researchers at the end of the five-year period and another provision to cover the initial research costs associated with their incorporation.

· Torres Quevedo (State Research Agency). Torres Quevedo (State Research Agency). These three-year grants co-finance the incorporation of PhD doctors with recognised R&D&I expertise in companies and technology centres and institutes.

· Beatriz Galindo (Ministry of Universities). These grants are aimed at attracting researchers who have spent part of their careers abroad.

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