Investment 7. Environment, climate change and energy

Medio ambiente, cambio climático y energía

One of the priority transformations in Europe is the transition to a green economy. This investment develops measures linked to environmental protection, the fight against climate change, new energy sources and technologies, and key materials for the energy transition.

The following research projects will be implemented in this investment:

  • Sustainable plastics for a circular economy: Project for the production of alternative plastics and sustainable management of plastic waste.
  • Project on climate change and impact on water reserves: project focused on the assessment of the effect of Climate Change on the water component linked to Associated Aquatic Ecosystems (AASEs) and Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GDOS) and on the identification of deep aquifers as a strategic water reserve in the face of the effects of Climate Change.
  • For the promotion of renewable energies, the creation of an energy storage R&D centre in Extremadura is proposed, in collaboration with the Regional Government of Extremadura, to solve the technological and scientific challenges of managing green energy production, mainly along the lines of Industrial Hydrogen Applications and production, storage and transport in the large-scale hydrogen industry.
  • Project to develop and integrate key high-tech components in the transition in the energy cycle towards a green and resilient economy: on the one hand, advancing in energy storage, especially on a large scale, key to completing the transition to renewable energy sources, which will provide solutions for a better quality and continuity of energy from these sources and open a new market for producers and distributors of electricity, consumer companies and urban or residential needs; and on the other hand, regarding the transition in the replacement of fossil fuels, the development in collaboration with companies of a prototype plant for CO2 recovery in energy intensive industries, in particular the steel and cement sector, is particularly relevant.
  • Project to identify favourable areas for the environmentally sustainable exploitation of raw materials of mineral origin critical for the energy transition both on land and at sea, including the reuse of "tailings" from old mines.

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