Public Procurement for Innovation

Public Innovation Procurement (PPI) is an administrative action aimed at fostering the development of innovative solutions from the demand side through public procurement.


  • Improve public services by incorporating innovative goods or services.
  • Promote business innovation and, therefore, economic growth.
  • Promote the internationalisation of innovation by using the local public market as a launch or reference customer.


PPI is an instrument that can be used by any public sector entity or organisation that has the status of contracting authority and provides a public service where it identifies a need or deficiency that cannot be met through the procurement of goods or services offered by the market.


  • Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI): the aim is to procure a product or service that does not exist at the time but whose development is already very near to the market.
  • Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP): its purpose is to provide an R&D service that would result in bringing to the market one or more innovative solutions capable of satisfying the needs identified by the contracting authority.


Subdirección General de Fomento de la Innovación

P.º de la Castellana 162. 28046 Madrid

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