Biotechnology applied to health

Imagen Biotecnología aplicada a la salud

This programme is aimed at developing tools for diagnosis, prognosis and advanced or targeted therapies in personalised medicine. In particular, the parties express their willingness to identify, where applicable, as areas of future collaboration for the development of the programme the following lines of action (LA):

  • LA-1: BREM platform for cryo-electron microscopy applied to personalised medicine.
  • LA-2: Implementation and analysis of databases in precision medicine.
  • LA-3: Platform for drug screening and drug-target interaction analysis. LA-4: Development of biological models for screening and studying the activity of therapeutic molecules.
  • LA-5: Development of nanopharmaceuticals, biodistribution, toxicity and therapeutic actions in pathology models.
  • LA-6: Techniques and processes for advanced and targeted therapies, surgical training and medical robotics.

The programme was initially launched with the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura, the Basque Country and Galicia by signing a framework agreement with the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Subsequently, the Autonomous Communities of Galicia, Andalusia and Aragon joined following the Agreement of the Council for Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy of 22 June 2022.

Plan Complementario en Biotecnología Aplicada a la Salud


Secretaría General de Investigación

P.º de la Castellana 162. 28046 Madrid

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